We could talk about the parts that combine to make up the most precise and accurate powder measuring and dispensing system that has ever been created, but then we wouldn't be addressing what is really important.  

Let's talk about what really matters.  

There are devices designed to weigh out charges.  That is all they do.  The Prometheus is designed to do what demanding precision reloaders really want; 

Get a precision charge into their case with minimal effort.  


Place your prepped and primed case beneath the Prometheus and dump powder directly into the case.  Then seat a bullet into that charged case.  By the time you are done seating and ready for another charge, it is already precisely measured and sitting in the Prometheus ready for you.  


No Prometheus Gen II has ever left our facility without being able to resolve a single kernel of Varget.   Many users feel confident they can "call the charge" to half or even quarter kernel repeatability.  


Hold your case under the dispensing funnel and cycle the powder measure just like using a typical volumetric powder thrower. The "black box" takes the rough charge from the thrower and automatically trickles kernels until the mass of the charge is perfect!  


More than a few customers report noticeable improvements in their shooting, no matter how they were previously weighing charges.  When you know that your ammo is "perfect," you analyze a miss without subconsciously rationalizing it was because of bad ammo.    This tends to make you a better rifleman.  The Prometheus Gen II is built around our proprietary beam scale rather than an electronic scale.  This eliminates scale drift uncertainty, regardless of the cause.  

Gravity works the same at your location as it does ours.


All of us have acquired something we were not happy with.  Either it breaks or simply doesn't perform as advertised.  It is rare for a piece of handloading equipment to become a status symbol, but the Prometheus Gen II has done just that, simply by being the very best.  There is nothing else like it anywhere.  Every unit is hand built here in the U.S.A. by the inventor to be the fastest, most precise, most accurate, and easiest to use automated powder measure in existence.  

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