The patented Prometheus Gen II is the most advanced automated powder dispensing system available.


Prometheus Gen II saves you time by producing a charge every ten to fifteen seconds. 


The Prometheus Gen II delivers to-the-kernel precision, cycle after cycle. 


Whether hundreds or hundreds of thousands of cycles, the Prometheus Gen II simply works. 


Simple setup and operation ensure ease of use for casual and hardcore handloaders alike. 


With multiple trickler options, the Prometheus Gen II works with most stick, flake, and ball powders. 


Due to it's mechanical balance beam, the Prometheus Gen II is immune to electrical interference. 


Prometheus Gen II kits can be tailored to your specific loading requirements and desires. 


Contact us via phone or our support forums if you ever have questions!  

Weights you can trust. 

Using an ultra-sensitive mechanical balance beam system comprised of primarily non-ferrous metals, the Prometheus Gen II is extremely resilient against the presence of lighting ballasts, cell phones, and other sources of electromagnetic interference.   Electronic scales can hide behind a digital display and only show you what they want to.  

With the Prometheus Gen II you can see the needle move yourself.  If something is affecting your charge weight, it won't be shrouded in electronic programming and hidden from view, you'll see every moment of the weighing process clearly. 

Accurate to the kernel.  

With our sealed draft-proof enclosure, the Prometheus Gen II scale will respond to a single kernel of IMR 8208 powder, which weighs about 0.009 grains.  It is unquestionably the most reliable and precise powder dispenser system available today.  

The automatic electronic trickling system delivers that to-the-closest-kernel precision cycle after cycle.  Several trickler options are available to ensure compatibility with your desired powders.

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