Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is the Prometheus Gen II?

This answer depends on several factors, including but not limited to, proper setup and operation, powder type, and the user's manual dexterity. It is common to be able to drop a charge, seat a bullet in that case, then pick up another case and have the Prometheus already finished and waiting on you.  What is very hard to put into words, yet is obvious to anyone that uses a Prometheus, is how stress-free this is when compared to any other method used to perform this task.  You are not a two-armed material handling robot concentrating on all the necessary tasks required to perfectly throw and weigh a charge.  You simply pick up a case, verify the charge in the Prometheus display window, cycle the machine, seat a bullet, and repeat.  All the stressful operations are done for you.  We've been told by customers that they used to spend some time every evening for a week to load up for a match.  Now they spend less than half that time and family life is much better for them!  

How much does the Prometheus cost?

Please see the "Pricing" section of our website in the navigation menu above.  

How easy is it to set up the Prometheus Gen II?

At first glance the Prometheus can be intimidating.  After a bit of practice most people can't believe how simple it is.  It's really just a powder measure, a beam scale, and a trickler.  Most of us already have experience with these.  The Prometheus simply combines them in a symbiotic manner by adding some plumbing and an automatic control system.  

How easy is it to change charge weights or powder types?

Changing the desired weight can be accomplished in less than 30 seconds.  You simply adjust the two poises (balance beam counter-weights) and re-adjust the powder measure to the desired charge weight.  Changing powders requires you to empty the powder measure on top of the machine, as well as emptying the trickler in the front/top of the unit.  The trickler or trickler plate required will be determined by the powder you are using.  The entire operation takes a few minutes and is easy to do.  

How accurate is it, really?

As shooters we understand that precision is different than accuracy.  Accuracy is when all of our shots land exactly on our point of aim.  Precision is when a string of shots all land on each other, but are not on the desired point of aim.  

The Prometheus is typically within 0.1 grains of the desired charge weight the scale is set to.  This means if you adjust the scale to 40.0 grains, it will typically produce a charge within 0.1 grains of the setting. 

However, where the Prometheus really excels is repeating the same charge weight, over and over again.  We are not aware of a more sensitive mechanical scale being built on the planet today.  It is quite literally able to dispense a powder charge precisely to the nearest kernel of powder.  

What powders are best?

The Prometheus was primarily designed for stick powder, but we do offer a vibratory trickler for ball and flake powders as well as very tiny stick powders such as IMR 8208.  The primary trickler will work best with powders that have uniformly sized kernels such as Hodgdon Extreme extruded powders.  Other powders with non-uniform kernels can also be used, but they may present specific issues that may need to be overcome.  

Can the Prometheus Gen II be used with a progressive press?

Yes, a number of our customers have installed them over a Dillon 550 which is likely the best route to go, as by manually indexing the shell plate you are less likely to spill kernels as it indexes.  It will require a bit of carpentry and plumbing, but it is not a challenging project for anyone who is a bit of a handyman.  

Why the name Prometheus?

I named this device Prometheus about a decade before the popular movie came out, and back then I got this question a lot.  Prometheus is a Titan from Greek mythology who is perhaps best known for stealing fire from the Gods and giving it to man.  Given the function of this device, I thought the anology appropriate.  

Is there an instructional video?

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